Ms Bawany Chinapan –  MSocSc (Counselling and Psychotherapy), KB, PA (Malaysia)  
Board Member

Bawany Chinapan, is a Senior Lecturer at the Masters in Counseling Unit, Psychology Department, HELP University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where she is also the Program Chair of the Counseling Unit and a practicing registered licensed counselor and a psychotherapist. She is a passionate educator on issues of couples and family functioning. She is a trained Family Therapist under the internationally renowned Master Family Therapist Professor Maurizio Andolfi from Italy. She conducts couples and family therapy and teach Marital and Family Therapy at the master’s program. She had two years of supervision under Professor Andolfi. She has a plethora of qualifications in different modalities of counseling and psychotherapy over the years ranging from different issues of mental health involving stress management to trauma, and has conducted talks and trainings in Malaysia, Indonesia and India. She was involved in both the Malaysian national airline disasters providing assistance to the Malaysian Airline Caregivers and now is part of the on-call crisis team. She has given talks on sexual abuse to various stakeholders and on national Tamil channel called Astro Vanavil in educating parents on the subject matter. She is also a trained child-centered researcher and had co-conducted several researches on Women and Children at-risk for UNICEF in Malaysia when she was the Vice- President of Knowing Children (an NGO). At present she is a Board Member of Malaysian Marriage and Family Therapy Association (MyMFT). She is also a Council Member of The Consortium of Families in the Asian Region (CIFA) and is part of the Research and Training Committee for CIFA and, had collaborated in regional researches on Family Life Satisfaction since 2015 among seven countries in Asia.